design. durability. functionality

born in los angeles california and bred in the pacific northwest, the inspiration of koboko was sparked out of a desire for individualism in style and a sense of adventure. we live and seek to practice the phrase “carve out your path”.  our flip flops and sandals are crafted with koboko’s core principles embedded in the fabric.  we're on a mission to inspire individuality and freedom of spirit through bold, beautiful, and comfortable sandals that you can wear almost anywhere. our creed is grounded on design, durability and functionality.


unmistakable design infused within the footwear collection. distinctive patented design serves as koboko’s trademark wrapped in bold and beautiful colors. ​


constructed with high-quality materials that are battle tested and wearable on almost any terrain to ensure stability and longevity. will last for more than just a summer or two. your dependable companion on any journey you embark on. ​


patented design addresses a commonly asked question "How long do I have to wait to break in my flip flops?" facilitates an accelerated "break-in" evolution of your flip flop experience with foot and arch support.


1035 dexter st. los angeles ca 90042; 930 broadway east seattle wa 98102

Tel: 510-459-4834